It is important to know several things relative to website design that effect the overall performance of your site.

1.) Flash does not optimize very well.

2.) Images do not optimize at all (Except for alt tags, and file names)

3.) Javascript effects, along with HTML and CSS, mimic flash content and optimize very well.

Having said this, I will also add there are times when flash is appropriate. If you are incorporating a Flash presentation, or perhaps an advertising banner into your content, Flash can be very effective. What I am mainly warning of is OVERUSE of it. Some people have entire websites designed with Flash and they will suffer in SEO as a result. There are other alternatives that create some of the same effects that do optimize well such as jQuery and MooTools, They use a script which calls in content that is completely visible in the source code. That same content is also readable by search engines. The header on this site is a good example. All of the text that fades in is completely visible to search engines, thus it optimizes well.

My purpose in writing about this is not to "bash flash", but merely to point out that using too much of it can hurt your rankings. I use it myself on a selective basis and believe it is an effective tool in the designers toolkit.

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